Cookies Policy
What Are Cookies?

The word "Cookies" is used to mean small pieces of data. They get in the user’s device when he is browsing a web page. These cookies are recording the user behavior on the specific web page, like patterns and preferences, so thanks to that, the site is able to have more insights of their users and as a consequence offer more personalized and unique information to each user.

Cookies on this web

Our services require fullfilling a Tourist Visa application form. Our cookies will save the information of your profile so in case you come back to our website you don't have to refill anything that has been previously submitted. This can save time and provide accuracy.

Third party cookies

By default we will use cookies provided to us by secure third parties looking for your benefit.
Cookies, like the ones from Google Analytics, track the time you have spent on a specific page(s), pages you visited, the time spent in each page, etc. The data we get from those cookies can allow to create specific and unique content for our users.

Disabling Cookies

You are totally able to disable your cookies on your browser, but we want to remind you that this is meaning to disable many website features. That's why we advise against disabling the cookies.
In any case, if you wish to proceed forward and disable your cookies, you can do it that way on the settings menu of your browser.

Note: Disabling the cookies will have an effect on your on-site experience as well as the site’s functionality.

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